“Our experience with PLR Building Services was very rewarding. We were very pleased with Paul’s attention to detail throughout the entire process and can honestly say that we felt he had our best interest in mind at all times. We were especially thankful for his cooperation as it allowed us to stay within budget while gaining some important features in our home.

“We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention the great job the construction crew did in catering to our every whim. We were very impressed with their customer service attitude and their ability to do whatever it took to please us.”

Mr & Mrs Edwards

“Our experience with PLR Building Services has exceeded our expectations. Mr Paul Richards took the time to learn our needs and then find the right quality products to match our budget. The subcontractors recommended by Paul  have also worked very hard to keep our cost within the budget amounts.” Once again Thank you

MR Davies, Bournemouth

‘After several meetings we knew Paul was an honest and caring businessman. He and his staff were very accessible for all of our questions and needs. On move-in day the house was spotless and complete.”

Mike & Sally, Dorchester

“We liked the way we were able to work together and see the home built. We often had suggestions and thoughts as we watched the construction. PLR’s team would listen and discuss those ideas with us and would often improve on our thoughts. The end result was far better than we had hoped.”

“Our favorite room now is our Loft thanks to PLR …”

John Defrees & Sarah Bolton